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How to write a professional Email

Email is used as a form of cheap yet highly effective business and educational communication tool. Emails are taken print-outs of, and are used as soft copies because it is easy to archive and retrieve emails. The reason of its popularity is its ease of access, due to which everyone can use it easily. Emails are the best way to communicate information in a presentable manner, easy to read and professionally best manner.

·        Text Message – In a text message conversation, two people can exchange information, share ideas, share points for corrections, and ask for clarifications in a quick back-and-forth manner of communication.

·        Email –  while emails are read by professional people who, may get anything between 10 to 100 emails a day. They would not like to engage in a back-and-forth conversation and have no time for asking again and again about anything. All they want is just to understand about what the content of the email is, process the information, complete the task, and empty the "unread" section of the inbox.

Let us discuss some key points to write effective emails:
  • ·        Plan your complete message.
  • ·        Subject line must be added it attracts reader attention.
  • ·        Message should be short and clear.
  • ·        Do not compose whole message in lower case.
  • ·        Read your email before sending it to someone.
  • ·        Don’t email anyone when your mood is off.

·        Don't type your message upper-case letters. Upper- case letters are considered to be SHOUTING.

Don’t use email in these situations. Prefer to call someone when:

  • ·        You are going to discuss personal or sensitive information.
  • ·        You are having bad news.
  • ·        Your words cannot express your message.
  • ·        In emergency cases and for immediately response.

Format of a formal Email

These are some things that are require to write a formal email. Read these carefully to use these in your email

Font size, style and color:
The font size and font style is very important for a n effective email. Font style New Roman and size 12-time is preferring worldwide. Font should be of black color.

Background of email:
The background of the email should be white.

First name and Surname:
First name and sur name should be written in same font but 2-time greater size than the rest of email.

Contact details:
  • Contact details should contain this information
  • ·        Your name
  • ·        Designation in company
  • ·        Email id
  • ·        Contact number
  • ·        The logo of your company
  • ·        Address of company
  • This all information should be written in signature section

Signature Details:

  • ·        Your Designation
  • ·        Company name
  • ·        Department
  • ·        Company logo
  • ·        Area code (zip code)
  • ·        Fax and telephone Numbers of company

Mudassar Sardar,
Optoelectronics Labs Inc.
Westwood Colony thokar Niazbaigh lahore , 54000
 Ph: 91 11 2345678
Fax: 34 5456 6757567

Use a disclaimer at the end of your email signature in standard font, size-8:

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