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[Article] Impediments in The Progress of Pakistan

Impediments in The Progress of Pakistan 

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It’s a fairly obvious truth that today's Pakistan is a far cry from what our ancestors gave eye teeth for. before the partition of the subcontinent. Today, our beloved homeland is entangled in social, economic, political and even religious crisis, whereas issues like terrorism. extremism, provincialism, sectarianism and many other ‘isms’ continue to add fuel to the fire. Target killing, human detonations. separatist movements and religious intolerance have opened giant cans of worms and transformed our paradise into a valley of blood and chaos. Moreover, energy crisis, illiteracy, unemployment, inflation, high crime rate etc. are the banes that have challenged our country's boom. Above all, violence has deepened its roots in our entire system. Pakistan’s dignity stands damaged at the international level because of the internal conflicts. poor governance and the growing flames of terrorism. While political instability has become the root cause of failure of efforts being carried out to join the ranks of progressive nations.

The leading cause of all obstacles in the way of Pakistan’s progress is ignorance and lack of quality education. It is a matter of fact that education is the most powerful weapon which can be used to change the world. But for the past 69 years, quality education has been overlooked by our federal and provincial governments.According to a UNESCO report: 
“Pakistan has almost 5.5 million children that are out of school, the second highest number in the world only after Nigeria.” 
Statistical analyses regarding education turn out to be more disastrous when glimpsed in tribal areas or villages. particularly in the case of females. This clearly pictures the cause of violence. intolerance, gender inequality and religious extremism particularly in the tribal and rural areas Also. the quality of education is so pathetic that we are creating “educated illiterates and class conscious minds”. It is due to the lack of education and awareness that our people are not conscious of their rights and we are living in a country where democracy has become ‘gullucracy’ by police and our elected representatives.

Haven ‘t we, as a nation, paid enough for our ignorance? The involvement of Pakistan in the American fed terrorism war and the Afghan war has caused it loads of innocent lives. Terrorism has destroyed our tourism sector, foreign investment, investor confidence.

market stability and damaged the whole economic structure of the country. But we still don ‘t get answers to the questions like for how long we would pay for the 9/ l l incident and for what reasons? We cannot get Dr. Afia Siddiqi released even after so many protests at national and international level, but the murderer of three innocent Pakistanis, Raymond Davis was returned to the American government within no time. This never happens in other countries because people over there are erudite; they understand each and every step of their governments and its long term effects. While by the time we get the picture of what has happened, it's already too late.

Another hurdle jamming the path of development of our country is poverty. According to an analysis conducted by the Government of Pakistan, poverty has increased roughly from 30% to 40% during the past decade. A major proportion of our country’s population is living below the poverty line. These people are deprived of basic necessities of life, such as food, clothing, shelter, education and medication. They are forced to think of their survival only, either by hook or by crook. Increased unemployment rate and inflation have amplified the poverty ratio and consequently, crime rate has also increased many folds.

The most talked about and highlighted bottleneck in the progress of Pakistan is the energy crisis which has shattered our economy. Our leaning economy is at further stake by losses in the industrial sector due to electricity and gas shortage. A report published by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) says: “Losses arising from power and gas shortages held down GDP growth by 3-4 "an in the year 2011 and 2012." This report has further identified rising inflation and investment decline mainly due to the lack of security and uncertain market trends, as other factors hindering Pakistan 5 economic growths. The report adds that not only the energy sector, but also state owned enterprises, i.e. Pakistan Steel Mills, Pakistan Railways and PIA are facing the worst crisis ever in the history. 

Pakistan is rich as Croesus in terms of innate resources. but poor as a church mouse in their management. It is the land of resources, both natural and human. We all are well aware of the law of physics that "energy and matter can neither be created nor be destroyed but can only be transformed from one form to another.  Our homeland has 180 billion tons of coal reserves. Coal, which is nowadays termed as black gold. can generate enough electricity to reduce our billing costs to less than half of the current cost. but here we are: producing electricity from oil, the most expensive energy resource on earth. Pakistan is fortunate to have a huge natural dam site at KalaBagh, which could store excessive rainwater to put an end to annual hoods and generate thousands of megawatts of cheap electricity, but our government prefer to beg to Turkey. Iran and China to set up power generation plants of few hundred megawatts. Pakistan has the most fertile land and is one of the largest producers of various crops including rice, wheat and cotton, still our people are standing to death and we are facing severe famines in Tharparker. Baluchistan has one of the biggest gold mines. copper reserves and precious stones waiting to be extracted out. Our country has all types of seasons and terrains. It has world’s largest sea port in Gwadar waiting to be fully developed. What else does any country need to do well‘? A magic wand to transform the resources into facilities? The Managements lag needs to be confined without any further delays to put our country back on the track or development. The solutions were given by the founder of this country on its independence but they are yet to be followed. 

To sum up. besides these shortfalls. our own collective behavior and altitude is likewise responsible for an increase in the number of rocks on the road of development. A common perception that “every crisis rises from government failure to cope tip with the challenges at hand” is not a sound way of dealing with things. Problems are always initiated from the grassroots level and then they grow into the dilemmas of the whole society. The actual challenge we are facing today is that we don ‘t actually wants the real change.

“If a friend of mine works in NADRA, why would I so dumb to wait in a queue? If I can get a job by the reference of any influenced relative. why should I think of the deserving candidates? That's the headache government". We have to change this mindset of ours and start our own character development. We dream. we crave and even pray for a ‘change ‘. but we don ‘t has the courage to be a part of it. We can debate on our government ‘s failures for hours and days. but we aren’t courageous enough to be the first drop of rain. We want our masses to be disciplined. but can ‘t stops ourselves from humiliating those who are trying to make a difference. We have to do whatever efforts we can to make our country step forward because small efforts pile up and help in achieving big goals. Last but not the least: we need to realize that we have to serve our nation by paying back what ‘s invested in us rather than ‘fleeing ‘abroad or just being a burden on our country by blaming everything on the system. 

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