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Big Hero 6

Big Hero 6

Baymax, an extraordinarily made up character, ten-foot-tall, inflatable cushion that is flawlessly mannered all the time, is designed as a health care in the movie. It is a hulk easily bending and adjusting, squeezing through narrow spaces. One’s body language and gestures are an excellent way of communication that says everything by nothing. In this movie, excellent verbal communication is used in an amazingly artistic way

The movie demonstrates feelings and emotions of a boy for his elder brother, got died in a fire at the school. Then, he makes a team of super heroes using his technical skills and the robot, Baymax to find the basic cause of the fire. The youngster is named Hiro Hamada of about 14, accompanying Baymax, the discovery of his elder brother, Tadashi Hamada.

Hiro Hamada is a genius guy and works on Baymax, the health care nurse to make it fight against the masked man who playing role as villain. Hiro and Baymax have great cooperation and collaboration in approach to their ideas. In their team of six, beside the two, Hiro and Baymax, there are Gogo, Wasabi, Honey Lemon and Fred who are experts in electromagnets, laser, plastics and playing with fire. They all make the team of Marvel Superheroes.

The interest and keenness of characters in their qualities creates anxiety in person. There is a great exhibition of science that takes one beyond the sky. There is a concept of taking revenge while keeping everyone safe and sound. The movie leaves a remark on one's mind to make whatever one want, there are no boundaries beyond infinity.

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