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We, the human beings, are here in this world of dust and water for an adequate span of life. Everyone comes, observes the universe, faces the good or bad odds in his life, manfully or cynically, and leaves the earth with his own experiences. Where do they come from, where do they go to and what are they ought to do here, is another debate, discussed widely by the religions and philosophers a million times, and still there is a space for all such discussions and explanations.

However, man experiences life with some innate bends while some undertakings are dictated by the prevailing society. A layman at the time of the Pharaohs had some other duties to fulfill for his society, a person in Socrates’ era had some other social rights and obligations, and a boy of the Medieval Ages grew up in a totally different environment with some different expectations of the society. As far as personal life is concerned, man had divergent beliefs, separate ways to think and specific ways to learn and earn. If everybody goes to school in twenty-first century and the literacy rate is considered to be an important factor for a nation to become successful, it is because the world has started utilizing its knowledge widely to enhance the fiscal resources. Similarly, the ways to earn at the time of the great Roman Empire were somehow different.

But, what is the ultimate goal of the humanity on its own, without the dictation of any other source of knowledge? Is it just the comings and goings of the fleshy creature with a mind that works? Is it just the desire to get more and more out of the resources and to pass some moments of joy? What does man actually want? What is the bane on the everlasting peace of our world? We have to figure out the real cause of man’s unending struggles.

To me, what man is unconsciously trying so far in hundreds of years of history and prehistory, is to make little but unending efforts to escape from the vicious grip of destiny. This desire is so deeply rooted in his conscience that he acts violently to get rid of his preordained life to live in his own way. He wants to get the desired outcomes of everything and at the same time, fears from his fate. Thus, the ultimate goal of the individuals is to become self-deciding creatures.

When we study different religions, we can easily judge this specific desire of man. The heaven of every religion, which believes in the life after death, has the same utopia: “eat whatever you want, do whatever you like, live forever.” Surely, it depicts the clear picture of what a man wants in his life. The religions address weakest aspect of human life, the fate, which is considered to be pre-written by the creators. Man is destined to have a fate, a written future. He cannot escape out of his time axis and hence cannot avoid his helplessness.

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