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Once there was a child named Ayan .He lived with his parents in a village. They were living a very happy life. Suddenly, when Ayan was just nine years old his father died in an accident. He was very attached with his father. He was not able to bear that shock at that time. His father was buried in a graveyard near his house. He missed his father so much that he spent his most of the time in the graveyard with his father’s grave. This left a bad effect on his mind. He went to his father’s grave all the time.

Most of the people from us do not believe in evil spirits or ghosts. But there things exist in reality. In Holy Quran God says “I have created ghosts for my worship”. Then, when the creator of this world says that ghosts exist then how can we say that this is a lie. WE have to believe this reality. And it’s example is in front of us. One night, Ayan went to graveyard at almost 12’O Clock. It was not the right time to go there. After mid night black magic and powers of these ghosts and spirits is on high level. When he reached there, it was completely desolate. He felt some weird and unreal things there. Firstly, he got a little bit fear of this environment and things but then he started to enjoy it. Now, he regularly started to go stealth there at midnight.

His mother was noticing his strange behavior for many days. But she thought that he was depressed by his father’s death so she neglected it. One night, when they were sleeping, Ayan was again going to that place at exactly 12’O Clock but he collided with a table and because of that noise his mother woke up. She saw that Ayan was going somewhere. She tried to stop him but he could not listen to her. So, his mother followed him. She was shocked to see Ayan in graveyard. He was behaving very weirdly. Ayan’s mother was very about him. She thought that he was still in the depression of his father’s unusual death, she decided to change his environment.

They left the village and started living in a city. There his mother got a job as a librarian and Ayan got admission in a good school. His mother thought that now everything will be fine but she did not realize the kind of trouble Ayan was in. They got up early in the morning, his mother prepared breakfast and after doing this she dropped Ayan to his school and went to her work. But Ayan’s behavior was still not changed. There were complaints against him daily from his school.

Every night he asked his mother that there was someone in their home, someone below his bed, behind the curtains etc but his mother found no one. She was depressed by Ayan’s behavior. His situation went bad day by day. One day, her friend asked her to send Ayan to boarding school but she said that Ayan would hate her that I sent him to boarding in so shorter age so I can’t do this. Then suddenly she received a call from Ayan’s school. They asked her to reach the school immediately. When she reached there, principal of the school told her:
“Ayan’s behavior is very bad with other students. But today ,he crossed all the limits. He beat his friend so badly that he got 5 stitches to his head. So, we are very sorry but now we take action against Ayan and we decided to suspend him for 3 weeks from the school.” 

She was very angry with him because of this embarrassment. But she could not do anything because she knew about Ayan’s situation. Next day, he took Ayan with her in library. There she did her work and Ayan started to see the books. There Ayan found a book on ghost and evil spirits. He started to read this book. As he read this book he was gripped more strongly by the spirits. He read that book all the time. After reading this book, his behavior became weirder. He started to talk to someone, to eat with someone, to play with someone but no one could see that person because he was not alive, he was a ghost. Ayan’s mother had gone mad to see this but she did not know how to treat with this situation.

One day her friend took her to an old Sufi person. She described the whole situation to him. Then by his knowledge he asked her that Ayan was in the strong grip of evil spirits. She asked him to give her some solution. He asked her that she would bury that book at midnight in that graveyard. He said, “That book must be destroyed to make Ayan well again but you can’t destroy that book ordinarily. Buy any other source like water, fire etc. The only way, to save Ayan and to get rid of that book by burying it in the graveyard at midnight. While doing so, the evils spirits try to harm you and your son. But you will just read the name of Allah and will have to bury that book”. Ayan’s mother had no choice except to do this. So, she decided that she would do this for his son’s life. 

They went back to their village. It was a very horrible night. There was a terrible storm and darkness everywhere. When they were going to graveyard the evil spirits caused many hindrances in their way to stop them. The spirits attacked on them. They were badly injured. But his mother did not give up. He reminded the sufi person advice to continue recall the name of Allah. Then she got up and with the help of Allah she reached in the graveyard and buried that book. Finally she got rid of these spirits and saved her sons life. After this, they went back to the city and started living a new and peaceful life.

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