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Modern Day Football World

 Modern Day Football World

Football is the most popular & the most played sport on the planet. In this article I will be giving you information about modern day football & how this game is affecting the lives of thousands of people every day!

The most popular stars in the world of Football in this era are ‘Cristiano Ronaldo dos Santos Aveiro’ from Portugal and ‘Lionel Messi’ from Argentina. It is without a doubt that these two players are the greatest footballers to ever play this game. Meanwhile, among these two, it is a whole another debate about who is the better footballer but for now I will be presenting my views from a neutral point of view. Firstly, Cristiano Ronaldo is known best known for his physique, pace, dribbling & long shots. He is known for scoring goals from long distances and also for tearing his way through the defenders by his immaculate dribbling. Meanwhile, Lionel Messi is known for his extra-ordinary dribbling skills and his vision to make extra-ordinary passes etc. These both footballers have been playing for rival teams i.e. ‘Real Madrid Club de Futbol’ & ‘Futbol Club Barcelona’. The rivalry is usually emphasized mostly by media, meanwhile in real life the stars hold nothing but respect for each other. 

‘Federation Internationale de Football Association’ (FIFA) is the biggest football organization which is known for organizing & setting rules for the football game. It’s motto is: Say No to Racism. In the modern age, this organization is corrupted. The former president of this organization, Joseph “Sepp” Blatter resigned from his job as the president of FIFA who had been accused of corrupting the FIFA organization. He was investigated by US Justice Department for falsely awarding the 2018 & 2022 Worlds Cups to Russia & Qatar respectively. The 2022 World Cup is held in a city ‘Al-Wakrah’, this bid by Qatar has come under investigation by FBI for bribery and corruption which lead to the resignation of Sepp Blatter. The stadium’s construction of the city ‘Al-Wakrah’ is yet to be completed, where thousands of labors are risking their lives every day for its contruction and many have lost their lives as well. Media in world football can also be crooked. Millions of people watch football news on television and on Facebook everyday & through this way media controls the power of sharing different sides of stories. While there is corruption in football there is also a bright side to football, which includes football stars donating millions to charities. In 2014, Germany’s star, Mesut Ozil donated all of his prize money to open up charitable hospitals in Brazil. Cristiano Ronaldo sold his golden boot to donate money to Palestinian kids. And many more football players contribute to charities. Football is more than just a game. Not only do players contribute but football clubs also contribute immensely. In 2002 ‘FC Bayern Munich’ saved ‘Borussia Dortmund’ from going bankrupt. In fact these modern clubs are more refined than ever.

he most successful club in the world football currently is Real Madrid C.F from Spain, which ranks at the top spot of ‘Union of European Football Association’ with 171.999 points. This successful club have been champions of Europe for 11 times which is indeed a world record. In 2 nd spot is FC Barcelona from Spain with 164.999 points. And finally the 3 rd one is FC Bayern Munich from Germany with 154.883 points

The best club football league is La Liga, which is Spain’s first division league, this league contains 2 of the world’s best teams, Barclays Premier league of England used to be the best club football league in the world because of its strong teams but recently these teams are not competing well in European competitions which is why La Liga is currently the best league in the world. Besides club football, Brazil has been known as “the capital of football world” because of its legendary players and the country with most world cups (5 times world cup winners). Many legendary players have played for this country like Pele, Kaka, Ronaldo de lima, Ronaldinho etc. While the current champions of last world cup are Germany with the strongest national squad in the world, and the country with 2 nd most world cups (4 times football world cup winners).

Football can be an unpredictable game too. Anything is possible in football. A passionate team with a good manager can be a dangerous team to play against. A good manager is one who not only knows about his player’s capabilities, he knows his opponents well too. There are many styles of playing football the most famous style is called ‘tiki-taka’ style which consists of consistent passing and passing until the opposition players are worn-out and then suddenly attacking, another style of playing is fast counter attacking which requires a lot of pace and good passing abilities and in the end, a good finisher of the counter attack. These all tactics are part of manager’s plans and a good manager is one who is ‘unpredictable’.

In the end football is a beautiful game despite some of the bizarre political agendas, it is the team-spirit & unity what makes this game even better. The way football has brought countries together is something to be praised and be proud of. 

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