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Purpose Of Human Life

Purpose Of Human Life

The basic purpose of mankind was supposed to be human beings. We are a social animal. Our characteristic of being social was washed away by our perspective of future and modernism. Not having those social relations can be detrimental to the animal's betterment; they are crucial. With the passage of time this term social has been absorbed by predator. Now we hunt and we make sure that we are on the top of the food chain.

More than half of our world has been terrorized to the point that people want to escape the reality and the remaining world has ceased its doors in reference to its protection against the virus known as terrorism.

Terrorism has plagued the rich, the poor, the big, the small, the healthy, the white, the black, the ill, the minds and the bodies. In fact, it would be true to say that terrorism sees no race, religion or color.

Social and political injustice has been the slogan for the lower class for terrorism.

Crimes, brutality, current affairs and bad grooming has lead our middle class towards the act.

Corruption of mind &corruption of power has contributed to infect the upper class

Although these traits are interchangeable among the classes but the label of their brand of terrorism is usually in the respective order.

Further in the reading you will be introduced to “they” and by “they” I refer to the monstrous and chaotic people who have existed. I refer to all the people that have brought suffering to mankind.

The cause suffering was the idea of a profound intellect and a creative political agenda of people and groups who had minds more powerful than guns. Minds aimed to control people as if they were the final authority. Rulers saw that their master key was to control the fear, anger and the hunger of any specie to have complete control. Chaos was their only option to have the ultimate dream. I don’t know how they were, when and where they existed but all I know that there were some. They may be from different times, from different place from different races, from different religions but they all carried the same purpose, same ideology and the same agenda. To control, to be unstoppable and to be the mighty

Things that are not under their control are removed by horrible means. They were the ones to spark revenge. They taught us to murder, to bribe, to deceive, to hate and things that were not rooted in the stem of humanity. But this was never the tragedy. The most horrifying thing was that we never used our humanly characteristics to think or to question these happenings. We went blind and rouge. People of the world I would like to tell you and show you that the true reality of the negative aspects of the current world are most likely because you were robbed by “They” a long time ago with a deceptive web that had entangled us to this day in the conspiracies and ironies of the world. We were robbed.  

They planned and came up with a new scheme called politics and border control which has taken every ordinary man’s freedom and personal space from us. People hired for our protection are compelled to end us. People hired to cure us are trying to end us. Army and police are killing, doctors are killing, teachers are corrupting the students. Constitution is in their favor. The rich rob us mostly by force and the poor by theft. Such people are being appreciated and glorified. No country is great, no nation is glorious, no one is brave until the physical and mental sufferings of people end which are caused by the people; either by themselves or others.

Heaven an imaginary place often depicted as the highest, the holiest land and depiction of paradise. In short the place with timeless harmony in contrast to hell. The only heaven now, I see is when I look at myself and I see myself surviving in the world of chaotic deeds and ideas but it is of course alongside the realization of hell where people get paid millions to be actors, sportsman, and entertainers just because they are the appetizers of the rich.

We are born with dreams and wishes and we’re told that they do come true but we are never told the reality of success of such dreams. Disappointments one thing while getting robbed is different. The feeling that something of yours is missing which includes mostly humanity. We cannot be heroes and cannot fight back. The only thing we should consider that when the time comes to be not like them and not be robbers.

You might ever think that if you’re having good times in life you deserve it. When I am driving in the morning I see some old chap walking with a stick and carrying a heavy load or when I see children walking with their eyes closed going to school miles away in any condition, I think that I don’t deserve these perks and luxuries. When I go to hospital and get the first class treatment and I see a baby crying in pain being rejected treatment I see myself a “Robber”. Though I can’t do much but to say that the system is wrong but I am wrong. I can do much I can raise a voice and challenge them and their rules. I can defy the bands of classes and consider humans as one. I am uncomfortable seeing my comfort while seeing and seeking the truth. Isn’t that what education is to seek truth. So how can one seek truth when the reality is that one doesn’t deserve anything except being able to be human. I want all the people of the world to have anything they want anything except the things that influence others in bad way. I want to be morally complete and enlightened. I want to be the law against the robbery of humanity. I hope you to be that law.

“We might have been robbed of humanity.” 
We are still humans and we can still improvise the characteristics that made us human. Say it with me:
“We can’t, we won’t and we will not be robbers.” 
“All we wish and we want to be is a human.” 
May we be the best of our kind mentally and morally. May we be the most benefiting humans as possible.
The deepest wounds we bear; 
Are here because we don’t hear;
 The healing won’t be done near; 
The cure lies within us dear;

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