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There are so many types of relationships for example parent-children relationship, teacher-student relationship, relations among brothers and sisters etc. We face different kind of relationships at different stages of our age. These relationships are very interesting. As time changes it is likely relationships among humans will change. Some feel changing relations has to do with human evolution and how people help form new concepts in the future.

There are some factors which effect relationships. Some of these factors include the environment in which we spend most of our time, some negative characters, bad language etc. If relation is strong enough it can handle those battles but if its weak or enemy is too strong then you will have a hard time dealing with the situation. Growing up in a good home with a loving family or being in a group that have similar thoughts or interests.

We can do several things to keep our relations stable and strong like we can try to stay away from those negative things, aspects or characters of our environment or try to fight them or maybe try to ignore them completely or as far as possible. All relationships have their ups and downs but we have to compensate. Without respect no relation can survive for long, being harsh and no control over rage can destroy the relationship in just a few minutes.

All kind of relationships effect the life of a living person, either they make them better or worse. But in most of the situations relations are made to make life better and happier and they actually do the same. Parents love you, spend money to educate you, up bring you, fulfill your wishes etc. Similarly a teacher guides you, educate you, tell you that what is good for you and what is bad etc. All these things effect relationships.

One of the foundations of the world and era we live in is relationships. It is enough to show its importance. The relationships that we have with others and our family can and will affect our behavior. As a result, our relationships make us who we are as a person. As we grow, we learn not just from our parents but from life’s experiences along the way. Humans are social creatures, there is no denying that. Think of how great you feel after sharing a laugh with a good friend. Something like sharing a laugh is part of a healthy relationship, which we all need in life. It is important that as individuals that we have support from our relationships because strong support is good for our well-being and therefore our relationships must be strengthened. Now there are some extra types of relationships including love and hate, healthy and unhealthy relationships. With that being said, with healthy relationships, there also comes unhealthy ones. But these unhealthy relationships is what makes us stronger in the long run. Most people may not consciously see this initially, but humans do learn and grow from unhealthy relationships we endure. Whether a relationship constitutes as a love or hate relationship, there is some importance there.

Relationships sometimes fail due to life’s stress, lack of communication, and excessive baggage. All relationships need to have good foundations. If the foundations are weak then like a building it will collapse easily. To make relations stronger you need very good communication. In short all kind of relationships make your life more comfortable and easy. Spending your life as a lone wolf can be a little tricky. 

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