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The Masked Spirit

The Masked Spirit

A 10 years old girl whose name was Sarah used to play outside their home at noon daily. Her Mom was off to work at that time and her Dad was dead before her birth. Their home was near the forest. One day, she was playing and got herself into the forest. After that she didn’t recall which way lead out of the forest and started to wander in the forest. There she saw many kind of idols and artifacts. The forest was called as the spirit’s home. When Sarah feels herself stranded, she sat down by the tree and started to cry. While suddenly a teenage boy wearing a mask appears and walk towards the child. Hestart talking to Sarah to make her happy and told her that she didn’t have to worry.

After some time Sarah make friend with him and started to play. The boy told her that his name was Guy and he lived here. He also told her not to touch him no matter what happens. The masked boy get Sarah outside of the forest so she could go home. While Sarah started to like his company and ask him if she could come again. So Sarah started to visit him daily. They played and enjoy in the forest. But the thing that bug Sarah was that why did the boy avoid touching. They never held hands while walking instead they used stick whose one end was in Sarah’s hand and other was in Guy’s hand. Once Sarah was climbing a tree and slipped, Guy was at some distance watching her when he rushed toward her without any hesitation even he forgotten his rule of touching, he tried his best to catch her but missed and Sarah fell onto the bushes and bear no harm. Guy used to take off his mask in good weather to enjoy himself. He really cared for Sarah.

Suddenly Sarah had to move somewhere else for her studies. She promised Guy that she would come in summer to meet him. Guy wished her good luck and Sarah moved from the town. Guy waited for her every day staring at sky in the evening as she was his only friend but she never came back. Years and years passed by but Guy barely gets older. On the other hand, Sarah was a grown up girl now. She also thought of him but due to some reason could not go back.

After Sarah’s graduation, she decided to meet Guy as she was independent now. When she returned back and started to look for him on daily basis in the forest and one day she found him at the same place where she had left him. She ran toward her as she has forgotten the touching rule. Guy in a shock stayed away and Sarah fell down. And then he remind her of the rule. Sarah was shocked to see him that young and he was still wearing that mask. From inside Sarah was also horrified. But she muster up some courage and asked him about his age and no touching rule.

Then Guy told her about himself that he was raised here among trees in the forest and was raised by monsters and spirits. He told her that he himself was a spirit and was forbidden to touch any human. If he touch any human he would be removed from existence. While telling this, he was all in tears with a small smile as he was afraid that she would terrified of him and leave him and never come back again. But Sarah was happy to hear this and she started cheer him up.

So Sarah and Guy started to meet up again and they started to wander in forest and exchange their thoughts. As days passed by Sarah started to like him and Guy also liked her company. They were sitting at the forest when they saw lighting at the edge of the sky. Sarah told him about the festival that was near by the forest. They both decided to go to the festival.

On the festival day, Sarah decided to express her feelings for him. So they meet up at the forest that evening and instead of holding hand they tie each other’s hands by a piece of cloth. Now they went to the festival and enjoyed that day. On returning towards forest a kid was running in front of Guy and Sarah when suddenly a car appeared from the side. To save that kid Guy get him by his arm to save him from accident. After this Guy’s hand started to glow blue and with Sarah they ran into the forest. Sarah became worried about him and told him that she loved him but that was too late. Guy took of her mask and gave it to Sarah and with his two fingers knock his head and said “I’ll always be with you.” Then Sarah hugged him and start crying. In short amount of time his body started to glow in blue color. While hugging all the memories of Guy revised in Sarah’s mind and suddenly he disappears leaving Sarah in pain alone with his jacket. While all other spirits and monsters was seeing this whole event.

After a week of moaning Sarah decided to accept the pain and move on with her life.

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