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The Shallow

The Shallow 
“The Shallows” is a 2016 American movie in which a wounded surfer battled with a shark. “The Shallows” movie moves around Nancy who wanted to experience association with her mother who’s passed away. Therefore, she travelled to a secluded beach in Mexico. On a surfing trip the days end and she wanted to catch her last wave. Meanwhile, she was attacked by a great white shark and she took shelter in a small island. She fought for her survival. The shark also injured her but she did not lose hope and decided to save her life.

The main character of the movie Nancy (Blake lively) is a determined girl. She is also emotionally attached with her family and especially with her mother. In this movie Nancy has a brave character. A shark injured her, a robber snatched all her things, she has no help from anywhere but she remains determined to save her life. She constantly fights a big shark with injured leg. Her morale never went down. So the main character of the movie gives an idea of firmness for a purpose it also tells us that one should keep trying in every situation. The movie also shows the intelligence of Nancy when she estimates the time of the movement of shark to another rock and swam through the group of jellyfish to avoid the shark because the jellyfish sting the shark.

It was thrilling to see water on kilometers when you have no help from anywhere. This is a brutal movie about patience and having courage to solve problems. You can hear the sound of water. Also while watching the movie one can feel that thrill and fear by thinking that someone is trapped in a several kilometers spread water and a shark is chasing her. There is a suspense in the movie that whether she can escape from the big shark who constantly chased her and wants to get the prey immediately. Often situations of movie are full of excitement and also full of thrill and fear. Also this movie is based on a real story.

“The shallows” serves up plenty of thrills and scares. This is an energetic movie which create curiosity in our mind to keep watching it till the end. There are a lot of turns and twists in the tale but in the end Nancy saves her life with her untold courage. This movie give us a moral lesson to be optimistic. If Nancy had lost hope and did not try to save her life then she would have become the prey of shark but she remained courageous and optimistic in all situations. So one should learn a lesson from this movie of being brave and determined throughout his/her life in all situations. 

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