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Fashions represent the spirit of newness and innovation in consumer as well as producer goods. fashion indicates new trends in designing of dresses, hairstyle, shoes, watches etc.

Man by nature wants new things . it is ingrained in the nature of men to demand new innovative things .Students are greatly allured by fashion. They spend much of their time in shopping buying new watches, new shirts, jeans to keep themselves in good humor.

Nowadays people are more crazy about watches then suites . However suites does matter but wearing watches enhance their personality. In 20th century wearing watches comes to the whole new level of fashion. Trend of watches is popular both in boys & girls.

Watches are often more appreciated as jewelry rather than a timepiece. This has created many markets of wristwatches , ranging from inexpensive to extremely expensive watches that serve as personal adornment. There are many brands now available in the markets in which Rolex, Omega are commonly known but these are not top brand ,yes not even in top five ,you heard it right, where Oakley, Tag heuer & IWC brands toped in wristwatch industry.

Watches are not only made to display the time but it also shows the person’s personality , attitude, maturity ,status & more. There are thousands of brands available in the market, and still many people are confuse to pick the best among them.

Watches are the only, who has mechanical structure however digital watches also available in the market but majority of the people reject digital watches as they are not good at looking infact digital watches are not much efficient then mechanical ones.

A watch isn’t about telling time, its about your relationship with time

Every second person in the world have almost five watches, it is not because they need them but because they are mature enough & know how valuable their time are. According to FHS reports about 26 million watches were exported in 2010, and the numbers is increasing every year.

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